I'm not going to be cliche and say "in life we go through bla bla bla" (always the start of a story where my friends and I would roll our eyes). I mean life talks are usually very serious talks and most times we want to hear what has to be said but not really. I know I like to think i know it all when in fact I'm constantly on the edge scared I will mess up. Anyhoo, since this is not a lecture of "LIFE", here are the few things I do and that have worked to take some time off and de-stress.

1) READ A BOOK: I don't know what it is about books for me that is just relaxing and takes my mind off serious things. I like getting so wrapped up in a whole new world in seconds and lets face it, you learn a thing or two too. 

2)TAKE A WALK: Yes, even down the street so the wind can blow through my hurr! lol i joke but always refreshing for me because this shifts my focus to other things, cough- nature, and i tend to coe back feeling a lot better. 

3)SLEEP: Its nice not to think about a lot of things and just knock out instead into a world full of umm dreams so to say. And then again, sleep is equally important for your healthy self so get lots of it (wink)

4)TALK TO SOMEONE: I know this isn't easy especially for me but sometimes you need to let it all out. It can be with your mum, yes i do this a lot, or your closest friend and sometimes a stranger works equally fine. Just get it all out because if you have a problem, what someone else tells you could put perspective into your situation which may not be as bad as you think it is.

5) PRAY: Works all the time. Anytime, anyday and anywhere ! Pray and pray again and you will see how fruitful the rewards are. 

I hope you are having a blessed week and found this somewhat helpful. 

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